Initial Consultation

Noble Custom Pools wants to design and build a pool to fit the needs of the customer. This first meeting will be one of brainstorming and interviewing each other to build the vision of the upcoming project. We excel at creative and unusual designs.

Design Review

Our designers will present the project. This presentation will include a 3D “tour” of the upcoming project. This is when we start working selections and budgets; after the big vision begins to match the clients’ vision.


excavationAll areas will be marked (by surveyor when needed) and excavation will be completed. Noble Custom Pools has the best machine operators around in-house. Any excess soil will be removed from the property at this time only leaving the topsoil we need later to final grade the property. Only pre-determined areas will be disturbed.

Forming and Steel

formingThis is when the pool will start to take shape and is one of the most important steps in the construction process as it is the backbone of the pool. Noble Custom Pools steel work exceeds all industry standards. Our steel is installed straight and centered in each wall so it can support the concrete that will encase it.


Noble Custom Pools plumbing sizes and locations are fully designed using software for the greatest efficiency of operation. All of our plumbing is pressure tested before covering any pipes and all pipes are protected with gravel fill.


concreteWhen your concrete is installed, the pool really begins to take shape. How your concrete cures is very important. We monitor all conditions through this curing process closely including adding heaters if needed. We keep all of our concrete hydrated during this process as well; this has been proven to give your shell added strength. Concrete will not fully cure for 28 days so we wait until the curing process is complete before adding coping and tile.

Coping and Tile

coping and tileThe coping and tile are often the first decorative components installed. Noble Custom Pools takes special care during these steps including adding a special waterproofing membrane under the tile to prevent any leaks in the shell. All of our coping and tile are installed to the manufacturers’ guidelines as many different materials have different installation requirements. We always chose the most durable on the market.


plasterNoble Custom Pools uses only the highest quality plaster products. We are in close contact with these manufacturers and use only installers that are approved by them. We do the preparation and monitor this process very closely as it is what will keep the pool from leaking. It is also the biggest color component of the pool which will set the tone for everything around it.

Equipment Pad

Noble Custom Pools sets the entire equipment pad in a neat and orderly arrangement. This allows for years of easy service. We use only the highest quality equipment; choosing the pieces that will work best for each projects needs. We also paint all exposed PVC plumbing to prevent any UV breakdown of the pipes and to give the equipment pad a cleaner look.


fillingOnce the plaster and equipment are complete the most exciting portion of the project is here. Filling your pool! As with the rest of the project, great care must be taken throughout the curing process of the plaster. We monitor the chemicals for an additional 28 days as per the National Plaster Councils guidelines and will give the support needed to help the owner understand all the chemicals in the pool. Our final product has no equal.